Blink Image deliver two dramatic CGI projects for Oxfordshire County Council


Oxfordshire County Council are the local authority for Oxfordshire, committed to delivering top quality services and value for money on behalf of the county's 600,000+ residents.


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Oxfordshire County Council first began working with Blink Image in 2008 on a high profile project called Transforming Oxford. A subsequent project followed in 2015 due to the successful partnership that had formed between the two organisations. 2008: Transforming Oxford In 2008 the leader of Oxfordshire County Council wanted to launch a new vision for improving the city’s centre. His plan was to make radical changes to the look of the area so he needed to work with a creative CGI company to represent these ideas for the public, the media and council stakeholders. Oxfordshire County Council’s Principal Infrastructure Planner Martin Kraftl, was part of the process. “We approached a number of companies to source the photomontages we needed,” he says. “Some of the companies we asked to quote just weren’t right for this project and others couldn’t turn the work around quick enough, so Blink Image were ideal.”[a] The council team that was working on the Transforming Oxford project requested that Blink Image create: Computer generated imagery showing the proposed changes to key central Oxford streets, including pedestrianisation, new hard surfaces, street furniture and planting Images suitable for a print and web marketing campaign to inform the public of the plans and to stimulate debate Images that were also useful to help the Oxfordshire County Council team visualise and clarify the changes in their minds as the project progressed Transforming Oxford received the go-ahead yet was delayed due to a lack of funding in 2009. It is now being implemented and is eagerly awaited by council staff and Oxfordshire residents. “The project with Blink Image ran on time and to budget,” says Martin. “They were able to deliver what we needed extremely quickly and they made any necessary amends rapidly too. They offer responsiveness, flexibility and value for money.” 2015: Connecting Oxfordshire Oxfordshire County Council were so impressed with the service provided by Blink Image previously that they approached them once again in 2014 for support with a new project called Connecting Oxfordshire. The council leader requested striking images, this time for transport solutions to the county’s often congested roads. The value added by Blink Image was their ability to visualise the images that were needed without ongoing debate or lengthy guidance. “Blink Image actually helped us to define what should be included in the types of images we wanted to create,” says Martin. “Our brief was very loose, sometimes even just a relaxed chat, yet the team there were able to show us how best to convey exactly what we needed.”[b] This project included: Sophisticated CGI showing familiar vistas and landmarks in Oxford transformed with radical new traffic solutions such as trams, a monorail and a cable car Images suitable for use in the local media and publications as well as presentations to 100+ stakeholders The use of drone imagery for high level photography and visualisation Images for the consultation stage and a local roadshow Tight timescales and immovable deadlines “Blink Image had a big job on their hands with Connecting Oxfordshire,” says Martin. “Alongside the strict deadlines, we requested many versions and changes. The bold images they produced were very successful and have been used on the front of local newspapers, on our website, in presentations and on television.” Why Blink Image? In particular Oxfordshire County Council value the flexibility and insights offered by Blink Image. They believe their architectural background really adds value, allowing them to work with a minimal brief, and setting them apart from their competitors. Recommendation “Blink Image speak the same language as us,” concludes Martin. “I would recommend them without hesitation, their work is very impressive. The bold images they created for us have generated a great deal of publicity and are being evaluated by the council for approval and long-term rollout. They are also highly cost effective.” If you are interested in the highest quality CGIs and animation for planning, marketing, funding and design competition, contact Blink Image for an initial free consultation.
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