Blink Image always ‘first port of call’ for Berman Guedes Stretton


Berman Guedes Stretton (BGS Architects) was formed in 1996 and has 38 staff based in offices in Oxford, London and Birmingham. Their projects span the commercial, culture, leisure and residential sectors with the majority of their work in higher education.


Architecture, design and planning


Initially brought in by Berman Guedes Stretton to create the arresting visuals that formed part of their successful competition entry for Cheltenham Art Gallery, we were then asked to continue working alongside them, creating the imagery required to assist the scheme through each stage of it’s development, culminating in the scheme’s highly successful completion and opening to the general public in 2013. The project demonstrates Blink Image’s ability to successfully support our clients’ projects at every stage of their development: - at competition and early design stage at detailed design stage at planning stage at marketing and publicity stage


Berman Guedes Stretton (BGS Architects) was formed in 1996 and has 38 staff based in offices in Oxford, London and Birmingham. Their projects span the commercial, culture, leisure and residential sectors with the majority of their work in higher education. Blink Image began working with Berman Guedes Stretton over ten years ago. The two companies share a similar design ethos, this being the foundation of their long and successful working relationship which encompasses many projects.

In the beginning

The first project Blink Image worked on involved architectural competition CGI work for the Queen’s College Lecture Theatre in Oxford. Blink Image collaborated closely with the design team at Berman Guedes Stretton and delivered images and visualisations that helped to secure a successful win. According to the Director of Berman Guedes Stretton, Gary Collins, “We started working with Blink Image based on a recommendation from an architect. They presented us with knockout images for the Queen’s College Lecture Theatre project, which supported our win.”

Cheltenham Art Gallery

In 2008 Berman Guedes Stretton asked Blink Image for support with another design competition, this time for Cheltenham Art Gallery. This was an open competition and 79 other organisations submitted their designs during the first stage, requiring submission of two A1 boards. Blink Image worked with the client to create these, featuring images that left a lasting impression on the panel. Having successfully moved through to the second stage, Blink Image worked on both interior and exterior view images using five boards this time. These were presented by the Berman Guedes Stretton design team who consequentially won the competition. “The feedback from Cheltenham Art Gallery was quite something,” says Gary. “They simply said, ‘this is exactly what we want’ and you can see now that the project has finished that they took on these designs almost 100%.” Cheltenham Art Gallery then went on to commission Blink Image to create images to convey the plans to the general public. This included a series of still panoramic shots that gave the impression of movement as users navigated their way around the building on the Gallery’s website. According to Blink Image Director Dan Beinart, “The Cheltenham Art Gallery project demonstrates where our sensitivity to architectural ideas and our ability to clearly illustrate them really helps in the success of the project.” “It also shows how we are able to assist our clients throughout the construction lifecycle: Having assisted BGS during the competition stage, we were then involved at each subsequent stage of making the project a reality, producing highly technically accurate images for planning then going on to create visuals to promote the scheme and generate excitement and publicity. We were even asked to create visuals to promote the inaugural Rodin exhibition.”

Why Blink Image?

Berman Guedes Stretton list a number of reasons for their long-standing and successful relationship with Blink Image. These include: Producing the highest quality images Blink Image create outstanding images for design competition and also for the Berman Guedes Stretton website to support the generation of new business. A shared vision The team at Blink Image come from architectural backgrounds so are easily able to identify and convey what Berman Guedes Stretton need as architects. “The Blink Image team share our attention to detail,” says Gary. 100% high quality work Design competitions involve costly financial outlay for the client so every image used in the process must be of the highest quality which Blink Image always deliver on. “Blink Image are more talented than their competitors,” says Gary. “You only need to put the work they produce side by side – you can easily see the difference.” Efficient turnaround times Blink Image always meet their deadlines and according to Gary, ‘deliver the good on time, every time’. Being flexible and accommodating There is usually very little fine tuning required from Blink Image after they submit their work, but when amends are needed, the team are happy to work on these quickly and cost effectively. Communication to project owners and the public Blink Image are adept at creating images not only suitable for design competition project teams, but also for conveying plans to the general public for debate or planning purposes. Recommendation “I would have no hesitation in recommending Blink Image,” concludes Gary. “They think and visualise like architects and their work is real, sharp and persuasive. The team are always our first port of call for visuals, especially if the client wants something really special.”
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