Planning and Detail Design Stage


With 17 years’ experience working with architects and planning consultants on planning submissions, we can quickly build an understanding of your designs and planning strategies, and create a visual narrative which puts forward the case for your designs in the most effective way possible to planning authorities, the public and other stakeholders.

Verified Views

Increasingly UK authorities demand that images submitted for planning follow a strict methodology providing a high level of visual accuracy. We have many years of experience in this field, working alongside teams of surveyors to record the spatial relationship of the camera location and points within the photography to the site. Often working on schemes in highly sensitive urban and rural landscapes, we follow tried and tested industry-standard methodologies to ensure these images stand up to the most intense scrutiny and can be relied upon to give an accurate impression of a scheme’s visual impact.

Detail design

Once planning consent has been given, we can assist you in further developing your designs
  • helping to create a productive dialogue between project team members based on a clear visual understanding of current designs
  • visual testing of different design options
  • presenting different design and signage options as part of negotiations with potential tenants
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