Feasibility, Bidding and Early Stage Design


During the earliest stages of a project’s development, our technical skills, experience and architectural backgrounds really come into their own.

We can draw on a wealth of architectural experience to interpret early design ideas, filling in the blanks and developing a deep understanding of the factors driving the design to create imagery honed to tell precisely the story you intended ­ to the project team, potential investors, planning authorities, competition awarding bodies or the general public.


At the earliest stages of a project, we are able to provide technical reports to help the project team assess the effect of early design decisions on various factors which could affect the scheme’s chances of success. Through sophisticated computer modelling, Blink Image can test massing and height options against factors such as right to light and visual impact on the site’s often sensitive surrounding context. This allows the project team to quickly assess viability and to optimise the massing at the very earliest stages of the design process, ensuring a better chance of a positive outcome at planning.

Bids and architectural competitions

Blink Image can create engaging imagery to support competitive bids and architectural competitions. Competition stage images are normally about grand ideas rather than detail and we hone our images accordingly, identifying your design’s key selling points and articulating them to your audience in an exciting memorable way through visual storytelling.

Early stage design

Working alongside the project team, Blink Image can take highly sketchy concepts and fill in the blanks to create images which clearly flesh out ideas, allowing them to be successfully communicated to key stakeholders and members of the team. Focused on ideas rather than detail, our early design images aid clearer understanding and dialogue and facilitate better design development.

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