BSc Arch Hons DipArch MSAI
Dan is a director at Blink Image and founded the business with fellow university student Richard Birket in 1998. He enjoys the excitement of being involved in the design process and playing an essential role in making clients’ projects a reality, watching exciting new technologies emerge and seeing the team’s creativity in action. His specialisms include liaising with clients, interpreting initial briefs into proposals, providing creative direction, and post-production. In his spare time Dan is an architectural photographer and loves exploring urban landscapes on foot – he says that moving to London a year ago has been like ‘being a kid in a sweet shop’. Dan is also a keen runner with a few half marathons under his belt. According to Dan: “At Blink Image we never lose focus on the purpose of our images in meeting the objectives of our clients - we try to tailor our images to their audience and create a statement of our clients’ ideas distilled into an image.”
BSc Hons DipArch MSAI
Richard is a director and co-founder of Blink Image and lives in Oxford with his family. He oversees work and makes sure deadlines are met and quality is maintained. He also ensures the smooth running of projects and refines the process of image and animation production with new technology. In particular he enjoys the varied nature of the work, saying, ‘every project has its challenge to solve’. In his spare time Richard visits exhibitions, galleries and museums and loves watching Pixar/animated films and trying to figure out what techniques can be pulled into architectural visualisation. He has a passion for photography and has a life-long quest to find the ultimate camera! (at the moment, it’s a Sigma DP1m). According to Richard: “We are absolutely 100% committed to delivering beyond what is expected of us. Our staff are passionate about what we do and thrive on pushing themselves to consistently improve our work. Every commission is a team effort with 40+ years of experience and passion applied to it through regular internal debate and discussion. New clients who choose Blink Image very soon become regulars.”
Paul is a 3D artist and has worked at Blink Image for three years. He comes from an architectural background and enjoys the creativity of his role and the clients he works with. His hobbies include weightlifting (cheaper than therapy he says!) real ale (again cheaper than therapy and it doesn’t bloat like beer) as well as sci-fi and comic books. According to Paul: “At Blink Image we’re different. Having knowledge of architectural terminology aids fluid communication between ourselves and architects/designers. We also deal with our clients directly, and we’re pro-active. If we need information to progress an image we chase relentlessly and give projects our full attention in order to drive them forward to completion.”
Greg is a 3D artist and has worked at Blink Image for ten years. He loves his job, saying: “In many ways, this is a dream job because I get paid for doing a hobby.” He enjoys the friendly, family atmosphere. “Blink image is the kind of company that feels like a family - we're all good friends that work together as a team,” he says. “Each member contributes personality and has the ability to just get things done.” In his spare time Greg is an audio enthusiastic and likes to calibrate room acoustics and audio equipment. According to Greg, Blink Image is a leading company in its field because: “We offer a good understanding due to architecturally trained backgrounds and we can create images with little or next to no information. We also create high-quality images in short time frames.”
Samantha is company administrator at Blink Image and deals with all the book keeping, HR and general administration duties. She enjoys the varied workload, responsibility and organising new processes. Samantha likes the fact that although the team is small they can offer amazing images and won’t let you down. In her spare time Samantha enjoys baking cakes, dressmaking, has a degree in psychology and is a qualified further education psychology lecturer. According to Samantha: “Work with Blink Image for the personal touch from people who truly understand architecture. They are a great team to work with.”
Charlotte has recently joined Blink Image as a 3d artist. She has an Animation and Interactive Media background and enjoys the developmental process involved with the work 'It's interesting to work with new technology and experiment with different ideas'. In her spare time Charlotte likes to binge watch Netflix, browse instagram and has a mild addiction to reading Top 10 lists on Listverse, her favourite catagories to read include Creepy, Mysteries and History. Charlotte says that 'there is such a broad range of knowledge at Blink Image that allow us to constantly be learning from one another so we can produce high quality work'.
Imran is a 3d artist with a background in animation and visual effects. Imran has previous experience working in-house with architecture studios. For Imran “Blink image is able to offer a unique balance of technical expertise and creative solutions.” He is a self-proclaimed “tech geek” who is always out to explore new technologies for both work and play. “Blink Image is always striving to use technology to offer new and meaningful experiences to our clientele.”